Smoked ham „Njeguš“ style

Chees mix

Home made mix starters
(spicy sausage, home made smoked ham, mixed cheese, Serbian style cream –kajmak, tomato)

Ceasare salad
(chicken breasts, green salad, crouton, dressing, tomato)


Grilled mushroom (200 g)
(rice, mushroom)

Grilled goose liver (200 g)
(goose liver, mixed fruit, crouton, butter)

Breaded cheese (200 g)
(cheese, tartar sauce)


Beef soup broth

Veal soup

Ragout thick soup
(parsley, carrots, peas, diced beef)

Mashroom cream soup
(mashroom, sour cream, onion, parsley)


Fish soup

Fish stew
(carp, catfish)

Fillet’s of perch (300 g)

Perch (1 kg)

Grilled  trout (1 kg)
(boiled potatoes, Swiss chard, marinate made of garlic, trout)

Carp fillet’s (300 g)
(fried carp, carp on the grill, carp in beer dough, carp Parisian style)

Catfish fillet’s (300 g)
(boiled potatoes, swiss chard, marinate made of garlic, catfish)

Grilled calmari (300 g)


Stuffed chicken breast with cheese sauce and basil (300 g)
(chicken breast, trappist, papprika, dollar chips)

Chicken „Rodos“ (300 g)
(chicken breast, feta cheese, marinated papprika, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, papprika, mushrooms, olives, dollar chips)

Sesame chicken breasts (300 g)
(chicken breast, dollar chips, sesame)

Chicken natur (300 g)
(chicken breast, dollar chips)

Chicken breast „Venice (300 g)
(grilled chicken breast, bacon, cheese, tomato)

Turkey steak in rosemary sauce (300 g)
(grilled turkey breast, sour cream, rosemary, dollar chips)

Turkey with peaches and pastry (300 g)
(turkey breast, pastry, butter, peach, sage)

Grilled stuffed turkey breast (300 g)
(turkey breast, ham salami, pickled cucumbers, champignons, trappist)

Karadjordjeva“ steak (300 g)
(pork fillet, cream, dollar chips)

Vienna steak (300 g)
(pork fillet, dollar chips)

Palić“ medallions (300 g)
(grilled pork fillet, mushrooms, chicken liver)

Cordon blue (300 g)
(pork fillet stuffed with cheese and ham slices)


Roast pepper

Lamb baked in a clay pot covered in ashes (350 g)
(lamb, bakery potatoes)

Veal baked in a clay pot covered in ashes (300 g)
(veal, bakery potatoes)

Jelen“ sword for 4
(pork steak, chicken breast, pork fillet, Serbian hamburger, bacon, spices)

Roast turkey
(turkey, potatoes-paysanne)

Roast pork ribs
(roast pork ribs, baked potatoes)

Vojvodina skewer
(pork fillet, chicken fillet, turkey fillet, smoked bacon)


Cevapi (300 g – 10 pcs)
(cevapi, dollar chips)

Stuffed Serbian hamburger (350 g)
(cheese, bacon, onion, dollar chips)

Grilled homemade sausage
(sausage, dollar chips)

Pork skewers (300 g)
(pork neck, dollar chips)

Strip of smoked pork loin (300 g)
(pork loin, dollar chips)

Braided tenderloin in kajmak Serbian style crem (300 g)
(pork loin, kajmak – Serbian style cream)

Mixed grill (400 g)
(pork loin, pork neck, roast sausage, bacon, cevapi, chicken breast)

Mixed saucer for 4 persons (1600g)
(pacified pork fillet in bacon bandage, pacified pork neck, grilled sausage, chicken drumstick, pacified chicken white meat in bacon, dollar chips, grilled vegetables)


Boiled potatoes

French fries

Dollar chips



Pasta with cottage cheese

Serbian style cream

Grilled vegetables

Tartar sauce
(sour cream, mayonnaise, lemon, gherkin, white wine)

Baked potatoes


Fresh mix vegetable salad „Šopska
(tomato, pepper, feta cheese, onion, cucumber)

Serbian salad
(tomato, pepper, hot pepper, onion, cucumber)

Greece salad
(tomato, onion, feta cheese, cucumber, pepper, olive)

Serbian national salad „Pickle“

Large slice

Tomato salad

Grated cabbage salad

Spicy roasted pepper

Spicy pepper

Fresh mix salad

Tomato with „Feta“ cheese


(jam, walnuts, chocolate cream)

Strudel with poppy seeds

Strudel with walnuts

Chestnut Puree

Baklava with walnuts

Somlo sponge cake
(sponge dumplings with chocolate sauce, rum and whipped cream)

Chestnut Pancakes

Charm Pancakes

Poppy Seed Pasta

Walnut pasta