for 1 person 2.900,ºº RSD
for 2 persons 3.900,ºº RSD
extra bed 1.000,ºº RSD
one-day stay in the room 2.500,ºº RSD


for 1 person 3.900,ºº RSD
for 2 persons 5.900,ºº RSD
for 3 persons 6.900,ºº RSD
for 4 persons 7.900,ºº RSD
one-day stay in the LUXURY room 3.500,ºº RSD

Pension meal 850, ºº RSD


A sojourn tax is added to the above accommodation prices (130, ºº RSD).
Breakfast is included in the quoted prices.

Persons under 7 years old are not subject to the sojourn tax.
Persons between 7-15 years pay a sojourn tax of 50% of the total amount.
Persons residing continuously for more than 30 days are exempted from paying the sojourn tax.